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While purchasing Mac OS X Leopard today at the academic discount price of $126, I stumbled across this article regarding the Linux Operating System and how in further years the aim will be to target a bigger, “non-technical” audience. For those who do not know, back in my teenage years I’d dabble quite a bit with different distributions such as Slackware. I remember enjoying the multiple desktop environments, the applications provided by the open source developers, the stableness of the kernel, and the fact that all of this did not cost. However, with all this free goodness, there is the cost that one must know how to manually compile programs, know how to work the command lines, and know how the filesystem operates. That being said, I do think it’ll take more than four years before Linux attracts more users for various reasons (filesystem structure, managing the dependencies, the differences between how the distributions operate, hardware/software support, etc.), although it’s great to see now many mobile apps as well as music gear (MUSE Receptor) openly embracing the technology. Bottom line, it would be ideal to have a secure Linux distribution that could run everything I need at little or no cost. In fact, I plan to run a server and develop my website on a Linux system — since at the heart, Linux truly is a developer’s OS, thus making it hard to realize for the majority of computer users in my opinion. However, I’m perfectly at home with the MIDI to the core MacBook Pro for recording and writing music (Although it did cost a bit).
Here’s the article:


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